Friday, 7 June 2013

June 7th: Bright

One of the best things about weaving is being able to work with color. I love bright beautiful colors.
In this picture are some of the cones I recently pulled out for planning stages of projects.
The Aqua and Cream cone closest is a one of a kind mix of wool and super soft soya proteins. It is one of the last few cones of a lot I bought which were a special trial. I will be sad to see it all go because it's wonderful to work with it.
The cone behind that is a Royal Blue and Black cotton and linen mix. I am a sucker for linen and cotton mixes because the designs they can create are so pristine.
The cone behind that is a super fine bright green lambswool. The cone laying down in a lovely deep yellow orange fine cotton.
Colors and the fibres associated are key for me and what I do. They shape the pieces I make in subtle and not so subtle ways (i.e. the certain patterns do not look good with certain fibres, likewise certain color combinations are best kept simple in design while others love to be intricately mixed).

Some of the patterns and colors I've woven over the year.

If you'd like to see more of what I'm working on pop over to LoomyBin. I always love to meet new people and find out what they think. I also have an Etsy shop.

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