Tuesday, 14 May 2013

May14th Need (more Blue)

There's lots of things I need... sleep, time, money for me and to give away, a cure for SMA and child illnesses, string... but in the long run what I always need is more Blue.
This is code for me needing more love, light, inspiration, patience and beauty in my life. I often feel at a loss when my life gets caught up in the 'everyday.' I begin longing for things I cannot have or will take too long to accomplish. I know we all feel like this sometimes. It's a matter of finding a little something which gets us through the day and keeps us holding on until the time is right to do more. It's blue things for me... 

So here, for you, I have a little more blue with the hope that you can find those things that you really need too. x
Blue of the sky accented by the red leaves

More blue weedy flowers
If you want to see some more blue things which inspire:

Or pop over to LoomyBin to see some of my scarves and handwoven items.

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