Tuesday, 28 May 2013

May 27th and 28th Can't Live Without and What You're Doing Right Now

There's a lot in this picture, as a weaver, I cannot live without...well, I could ;) but these items make my life easier.
Loom- love piece of golden wood with a reddish tinge
Apron- made from bright red cotton canvas..this is my second one as the first one I made wasn't quite right
Tape Measure- fibre glass and flexible so I can wrap it around with the scarf on weaving
Strings- in this case lovely super soft cotton in bright colors
As a weaver all of these things have become essential to my practice. They make the process one of enjoyment and an expression of joy and relaxation.

I'm still weaving this in between playing Lego, cleaning, taping, gluing, FBing, twitter, blogging, planning, doing laundry, doing dishes, wiping bottoms, turning off lights that have been turned on... I'm a little behind ;)

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