Thursday, 3 July 2014

Busy the kids so work can be done... How to get some quality time in followed by free play

Every parent knows that occupying the kids with one task while you get on with another is the best way to get work done. Usually when I ask my girls what they want to do they want to bake...but this requires supervision on my part... so it's not the ideal activity when I want to get my own things done. One of the other favorite choices for my girls, and the one that I love because it gives me free time, is getting them to play with play dough. It is ideal in our house as they will spend hours, literally, playing,,,building things with rocks and play dough, burying things and uncovering them, making footprints from various toys, making scenes and telling stories with the dough... play goes on and on and on... so when one of my small business friends from The Dotty Dough Factory asked if I'd like to try out their make from scratch pack I jumped on the chance because a little 'cooking' and play dough is a double win with the girls.

She sent me pack of flour and salt and a sachet of Kool-Aid and the directions... which were: add hot water... Super easy.

                                                                          You mix

Add water

Mix some more

Then knead

Presto magicka! play dough

The girls were enthused by the process and the absolutely gorgeous smell of fruitiness because of the Kool-Aid. Even over two months later the dough smells great and is still usable (we just used the airtight container the ingredients came into store it). They love playing with dough they made and the youngest (2 years) mentions happily having made it whenever it comes out. (AND it gave me a little time to interact with them and 'set them up' for play, but later gave me the free time to get work down around the house and even get in a little weaving.)

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